The Medical Capital has tremendous expertise in developing biomaterials used to repair, restore or replace lost bodily function.

The success of the Northeast Ohio biomaterials industry can be traced to the region’s rich history of expertise in polymers, the largest and most promising class of biomaterials. The University of Akron’s College of Polymer Science and Polymer Engineering is the first and largest academic program devoted to the study of polymers, and it has assisted in the formation of 18 startups to date. Today, over 130,000 Ohioans are employed by nearly 2,440 polymer-related enterprises—contributing to the region’s reputation as “Polymer Valley.”

Researchers in Case Western Reserve University’s (CWRU) Biomedical Engineering program focus on the use of biomaterials for the delivery of therapeutic drugs and the development of hybrid materials able to grow and repair themselves. The Center for Layered Polymeric Systems (CLIPS), a truly world-class $19 million NSF Science and Technology Center located at Case Western Reserve University, has a unique multilayering process technology platform with applications for biomaterial development. CLIPS fosters linkages between academia and industry to accelerate the development of new products.

Companies in The Medical Capital developing innovative biomaterials include: Lubrizol, Parker-Hannifin, PolyOne, and Proxy Biomedical.