The advent of sensor technologies is poised to radically alter the detection, prevention and management of disease in the home, hospitals and other settings — and clinical institutions, universities and medical device companies in The Medical Capital are at the forefront of biosensor research and development.

For example, physicists and engineers at Case Western Reserve University have recently developed an optical sensor that’s 1 million times more sensitive than what is currently best available—one capable of identifying a single lightweight molecule in a highly dilute solution. Their goal is to provide oncologists a way to detect a single molecule of an enzyme produced by circulating cancer cells, allowing doctors to diagnose patients with certain cancers far earlier than possible today, and improve treatment and outcomes.

Some of the biosensor companies in The Medical Capital include: Crystal Diagnostics, marketing a liquid-crystal based biosensor system for pathogen detection; Intellirod Spine, developing a wireless implantable microelectronic lumbar spine fusion sensor; CorMetrics, designing sensor based interventional devices for the cardiology market; Valtronic, a microelectronics design and manufacturing firm; and FlexLife, a firm commercializing its vMetrics™ small wireless remote monitoring platform measuring varied physiological parameters in real time. FlexLife was recently acquired by LifeWatch, a Swiss company.