Inside MCIC2 (photos)

April 30, 2018

Medical Capital Innovation Competition

Photos from inside the 2nd Annual Medical Capital Innovation Competition.
Photos by Downie Photo.

Open Division participants, Jennifer Murdoch and Raj Reddy of nGageIT, Anaheim, CA, get ready for their big pitch.


Open Division participants, Jim Evans and Randy Williams of Well.Said (Chicago, IL), meet Godrey Nazareth of X-Biomedical (Philadelphia, PA).


Collegiate Division judges, Liz Todia, Mutual Capital Partners, and Christel Anderson, HIMSS, taking notes and preparing to score the presenting collegiate team.


Becky Watts, G2G, networking during the 2nd Annual Medical Capital Innovation Competition awards ceremony.


Ted Carter, Chief Economic Development and Business Officer, Cuyahoga County, addressing the audience about the importance of innovation.


Carla Smith, Executive Vice President, HIMSS, talks to the value of information and technology to improve the quality, safety and cost-effectiveness of health and healthcare.


Cuyahoga County Executive, Armond Budish, takes the stage for a brief hello and thank you, just before Aram Nerpouni, President and CEO, BioEnterprise, announces the 2nd Annual Medical Capital Innovation Competition winners.


And the 1st Place/$50,000 Open Division Award goes to…


Kareem Barghouti and Peter McCaffrey of VastBiome, Houston, TX – VastBiome utilizes artificial intelligence to identify how the microbiome impacts diseases. Their proprietary microbiome collection methods and the analytical power of its data-drive technology enables personalized cancer medication.


Randall Hoyle, BioEnterprise, shares a drink with Troy Bannister of Particle Health (New York, NY), Open Division, as they review his Access Award, given by Steadman Clinic, Vail, CO.

To see the full list of Open Division and Collegiate Division winners check out MCIC2 Winners Announced!