Live from #TMCInnov2017: Practice Makes Perfect

April 27, 2017

the HIMSS innovation center

Originally published on the HIMSS blog.

The inaugural Medical Capital Innovation Competition kicked off yesterday (April 25) at the HIMSS Innovation Center, organized by The Global Center for Health Innovation (GCHI), Cuyahoga County, BioEnterprise and HIMSS.

Day 1 focused on preparing the teams for the big dance today. Twenty different and influential national leaders volunteered their time to serve as mentors.


Mentors worked in themed areas throughout the Global Center and helped the competing teams fine- tune their ideas, proposals and pitches for today’s judging.
Topics included:

  • addressing a healthcare problem with a viable solution;
  • preparing for go-to-market;
  • addressing system scalability; and
  • practicing the pitch coupled with flight planning, a time for questions from the competitors.

Each of these areas provided a one-on-one opportunity for the teams to have unique interactions with key industry leaders from public and private institutions.


The Competition also provided education in the form of ‘Innovation Keynotes’ on the following topics:

  • Exit Strategies, Alan F. Dowling, PhD, Case Western Reserve University
  • A Story of Population Health, Nick Dreher MD, medical director of population health, MetroHealth Population Health Innovation Institute, The MetroHealth System
  • Intellectual Property – Do You Own It & Can You Patent It, Ned Pejic, attorney at law & vice chair, Intellectual Property Group, and Georgia Yanchar, attorney at law & partner, Calfee, Halter & Griswold LLP
  • Planning a Scalable Data Solution, Cal Al-Dhubaib, principal data scientist, Pandata LLC
  • Social Media and Branding for Startups, Tom Keathley, co-founder, executive creative director, Arras Keathley

The Innovation Keynote presentations can be found here

A huge thank-you to all of the mentors, sponsors, volunteers, interns, judges and countless folks who helped bring the inaugural Medical Capital Innovation Competition to life.

Stay tuned for more today

It’s Day 2 – where 27 teams (out of 180 team applications) will be competing for sweet grand prizes!