MCIC2 Winners Announced!

April 26, 2018

Meet the 2nd Annual Medical Capital Innovation Competition Winners
Disruptive healthcare winners receive $100,000 in cash prizes and access to Cleveland’s world-class healthcare expertise


1st Place/$50,000: VastBiome, Houston, TX – VastBiome utilizes artificial intelligence to identify how the microbiome impacts diseases. Their proprietary microbiome collection methods and the analytical power of its data-drive technology enables personalized cancer medication. (pictured above)

2nd Place/$25,000: nGageIT, Anaheim, CA – nGageIT’s platform detects and verifies the unique fingerprint of medication you take or inject. Using smart health tools and the world’s first ingestible nanoparticle “bar coding” technology, nGageIT measures medication treatment effectiveness, enriches the patient experience, and helps physicians optimize clinical outcomes.

3rd Place/$15,000: EBT Medical, Toronto, Canada – EBT Medical is developing innovative, easy-to-use, non-invasive neurostimulation therapies and disease state support systems for pelvic floor disorders, starting with overactive bladder. With just 30 minutes of stimulation twice per week, EBT Medical’s system delivers long-lasting pharmaceutical- or invasive therapy-equivalent efficacy without the side-effects, invasiveness, or costs that are typically associated with those therapies.



1st Place/$6,000: RADIOME, Case Western Reserve University – Approximately 70,000 women annually will receive some combination of chemotherapy and surgery. By predicting which of these patients will benefit from neoadjuvant chemotherapy and be eligible to receive breast-conserving surgery (rather than an entire breast-removing mastectomy), RADIOME reduces ineffective chemotherapy and surgery.

2nd Place/$3,000: InSpirit, Case Western Reserve University – InSpirit is developing a novel wrist wearable hydration sensor to continuously monitor dehydration in real-time and to improve lives of elderly and reduce nursing homes fines.

3rd Place/$1,000: SurgiSight, Johns Hopkins University– When surgical patients are discharged from the hospital, they receive limited instruction on caring for their incision wounds and monitoring for signs of infection. SurgiSight is designing a mobile application that allows discharged surgical patients to communicate with their healthcare providers for better wound reporting and diagnosis of surgical site infections.


What did they win? – In addition to cash prizes, the winning teams will receive meaningful assistance, including mentoring and access to world-class healthcare systems and collaborators. Open and Collegiate division first place winners also receive an opportunity to demonstrate innovation at the HIMSS19 Conference in February 2019.

Stay tuned for information about MCIC3!