Meet the 2nd Annual Medical Capital Innovation Competition Participants

April 19, 2018

The following 22 Open Division and 6 Collegiate Division teams will compete Tuesday, April 24th, in the 2nd Annual Medical Capital Innovation Competition held at the Global Center for Health Innovation. $100,000 in cash prizes and meaningful mentoring from Cleveland’s world-class healthcare systems will be awarded. This event is free and open to the public; registration is requested.


Team: Alertgy
From: Daytona Beach. FL
Team Lead: Marc Rippen
Alertgy revolutionizes the way diabetics can manage their disease through leading-edge sensor and materials technologies.  Alertgy improves the quality of life and medical treatment of diabetics with a wearable, inexpensive, truly non-invasive blood sugar monitoring technology that works with a smart phone.

Team: Bitome
From: Boston, MA
Team Lead: Herb Ryan
Bitome develops a portable hydration monitor for managing congestive heart failure. Their non-invasive monitor for body hydration is based on clinical MRI, aiming to improve patient outcomes and reduce healthcare expenditures.

Team: EBT Medical
From: Toronto, CAN
Team Lead: Keith Carlton
EBT Medical is developing innovative, easy-to-use, non-invasive neurostimulation therapies and disease state support systems for pelvic floor disorders, starting with overactive bladder. With just 30 minutes of stimulation twice per week, EBT Medical’s system delivers long-lasting pharmaceutical- or invasive therapy-equivalent efficacy without the side-effects, invasiveness, or costs that are typically associated with those therapies.

Team: Friendly
From: San Francisco, CA
Team Lead: Nasha Alexeeva, MBA
Friendly’s mission is help healthcare organizations catch coding mistakes that result in under-billing by utilizing deep learning models. First, they use machine learning to remove all personally-identifiable information from the claim. Then they use deep learning models trained on millions of claims to identify and flag under-billing opportunities. A concise report is sent to the medical coding group, helping them review and correct issues.

Team: Global Health Metrics
From: Cleveland, OH
Team Lead: Greg Davis
Global Health Metrics offers platforms for health risk assessment and population health analytics. The company gathers data, primarily from public domains, to inform customers about health risks and promote healthy living.
Team Members: Eamon Johnson, Adam Perzynski, Joseph Sudano

Team: Health Wizz
From: Washington DC
Team Lead: Hannah Robertson
Health Wizz is a secure mobile platform that provides consumers with the necessary tools for aggregating, organizing and sharing their medical health records over the blockchain. Health Wizz is on a mission to empower consumers to better manage their health data and has created the industry’s first mobile Health Information Exchange of One, which allows consumers to control and direct the sharing of their individual health records.

Team: mdLogix
From: Cleveland, OH
Team Lead: Shane McNamee
mdlogix is a leading provider of patient-centric behavioral health technology. The mdlogix platform provides screening, patient management, and analytics tools that improve care team workflows, resulting in better patient care.
Team Members: Ben Cushing, Aaditya Goswami, Jenn Hunter

Team: Med-ComplianceIQ (WoundWiseIQ)
From: Powell, OH
Team Lead: Gary Ross
Med-Compliance IQ helps health care providers improve patient care by innovating smart cloud-based compliance solutions.  The company’s first product is WoundWiseIQ, a mobile camera and SaaS solution that can rapidly improve wound measurement and streamline required compliance documentation.
Team Members: Janet Gilani, Rick Hulse, Nathan Romano

Team: MedStack
From: Toronto, CANADA
Team Lead: Balaji Gopalan
Medstack enables healthcare enterprises to adopt apps as tools for care by making them easier to build, discover, and integrate. MedStack reduces the time and cost to build integrated patient-centric healthcare apps by 60%. They specifically address, through a series of secure cloud tools, the biggest challenges faced by healthcare app developers: data integration and privacy compliance.

Team: nGageIT
From: Anaheim, CA
Team Lead: Raj Reddy
nGageIT’s platform detects and verifies the unique fingerprint of medication you take or inject. Using smart health tools and the world’s first ingestible nanoparticle “bar coding” technology, nGageIT measures medication treatment effectiveness, enriches the patient experience, and helps physicians optimize clinical outcomes.
Team Member: Jennifer Murdoch

Team: OcuMedic
From: Charlottesville, VA
Team Lead: Keith Ignotz
OcuMedic develops contact lenses that can dial in the release of drugs from the lens over time, delivering a therapeutic concentration of drug payload for the duration of wear.

Team: Particle Health
From: New York, NY
Team Lead: Troy Bannister
Particle Health is a distributed database of health information that allows organizations to add incentive as a tool to aggregate new and novel datasets without creating any new workflows. They sell access to the Particle ledger and incentive/aggregation tools through IT companies to interested third parties (typically pharmaceutical and payors).

Team: Resilient Health
From: Columbus, OH
Team Lead: Jason Hipsher
Resilient Health offers digital assessment and training to help individuals build strategies and skills that support their mental and behavioral health. These training methods are based on the STAR (Stress, Trauma And Resilience) Program, which recognizes the importance of addressing experiences of trauma with evidence-based, trauma-informed practices and approaches to care.

Team: ScoutMD (Dash MD)
From: Toronto, CANADA
Team Lead: Zack Fisch
ScoutMD is a personal health manager that is delivered to patients at the point of care, in health systems, to help patients access better self-care and recovery management resources. ScoutMD is a direct channel to patients which can be used by health systems to capitalize patient attention and patient feedback.
Team Members: Cory Blumenfeld, Chuck Holt, Rob Iaboni, Michael Tremblay

Team: Strados Labs
From: Philadelphia, PA
Team Lead: Nick Delmonico
Strados Labs is building an easier way to manage respiratory health. The Strados ‘always on’ device and powerful cloud platform provides a hands-free, automated way to self-manage and remotely monitor lung health. Their real-time respiratory trending improves care coordination and population health for patients suffering from chronic respiratory conditions.

Team: TogetherSpace
From: Cleveland, OH
Team Lead: John Mueller
TogetherSpace is a web-based platform that facilitates online group therapy and the formation of therapeutic communities. It allows patients to participate with privacy and anonymity and eliminates barriers to access. TogetherSpace provides a platform for ongoing support groups following therapy, maintaining continuity of care.

Team: Triumf Gamification
From: Finland/Estonia
Team Lead: Kadri Haljas
Triumf Gamification develops a research-based mobile health platform for sick children to support their chronic disease treatment. Triumf uses game environments to implement personalized psychological support, behavioral change techniques, and education. Triumf’s early adopters are children with cancer in Estonia and Finland.

Team: Valhalla Healthcare “Allevia”
From: Houston, TX
Team Lead: Alex Baqui, MD
Valhalla Healthcare’s product, Allevia, uses evidence-based medicine to automate clinical documentation and takes the information given from past medical history to tailor questioning trees to the patient at hand, enabling physicians to spend less time documenting and more time doctoring.

Team: VastBiome
From: Houston, TX
Team Lead: Kareem Barghouti, MBA
VastBiome utilizes artificial intelligence to identify how the microbiome impacts diseases. Their proprietary microbiome collection methods and the analytical power of its data-driven technology enables personalized cancer medication.

Team: vitalxchange
From: Cleveland, OH
Team Lead: Charu Ramanathan
The mission of vitalxchange is to foster social health connectivity for all by enabling the exchange of health information via matched private chat conversations. The vitalxchange health networking application smartly matches and connects patients with compatible peers based on both health and personality profiles.
Team Members: Alba Montana, Ketal Patel

Team: Well.Said
From: Chicago, IL
Team Lead: Jim Evans
Well.Said develops and sells proprietary software on third-party voice activated computing platforms, such as Alexa and Google Voice. It allows seniors to have the support and interaction they need to stay in their own homes. The platform sends alert messages, delivers interactive health status contents, encourages exercises for staying fit, and gives calendar reminders.
Team Member: Randy Williams

Team: X-Biomedical
From: Philadelphia, PA
Team Lead: Godfrey Nazareth
X-Biomedical designs an all-inclusive, ultra-compact, portable, stereoscopic digital surgical microscope that weighs under 30 pounds. The microscope has optical quality and capability equivalent to or better than current surgical microscopes, and meets the stringent requirements for ruggedness, readiness, and rural deployment.
Team Members: Matthew R. Maltese, PhD, Nicholas Widmann


Team: Core Simulations
University: University of Houston
Team Lead: Jakob Broaddus
Core Simulations is a healthcare software company that believes virtual reality has practical uses outside of gaming. Their software addresses the tedious nature of physical therapy by transporting the user to a new reality, where they gamify treatment.  The software can also collect positional data and provide a comprehensive summary of treatment.
Team Members: Jonathan Avila, Carlos Puerta

Team: GuideRX
University: Case Western Reserve University
Team Lead: Sriram Boppana
GuideRx has developed a voice-enabled medication dispenser and management system, bringing IoT and smart-home technology to tackle the medication non-adherence debacle for patients, caregivers, and clinicians.
Team Member: Connor Swingle

Team: SurgiSight
University: Johns Hopkins University
Team Lead: Emma Headley
When surgical patients are discharged from the hospital, they receive limited instruction on caring for their incision wounds and monitoring for signs of infection. SurgiSight is designing a mobile application that allows discharged surgical patients to communicate with their healthcare providers for better wound reporting and diagnosis of surgical site infections.
Team Members: Jacob Caldwell, Tristan Ford

University: Case Western Reserve University
Team Lead: Nathaniel Braman
Approximately 70,000 women annually will receive some combination of chemotherapy and surgery. By predicting which of these patients will benefit from neoadjuvant chemotherapy and be eligible to receive breast-conserving surgery (rather than an entire breast-removing mastectomy), RADIOME reduces ineffective chemotherapy and surgery.
Team Member: Prateek Prasanna

Team: InSpirit
University: Case Western Reserve University
Team Lead: Shravan Khare
InSpirit is developing a novel wrist wearable hydration sensor to continuously monitor dehydration in real-time and to improve lives of elderly and reduce nursing homes fines.
Team Member: Siddhartha Sen

Team: Heart I/O “UMMA”
University: University of Pittsburgh / Carnegie Mellon University
Team Lead: Nick Flanigan
Heart I/O is a medical technology company poised to revolutionize cardiac diagnostics. Their mission is to provide at-risk individuals and medical professionals with fast, accurate information. Their novel approach to electrocardiogram (ECG) signal classification leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to interpret and diagnose subtle nuances of the heart.
Team Member: Utkars Jain