Funding a Biomedical Company

There are multiple sources of equity funding for an entrepreneur to investigate in The Medical Capital, including seed, angel, venture capital, and private equity funds. For example, the Investment and Attraction Fund pairs financing with attractive facilities for companies willing to move to the Cleveland Health-Tech Corridor. Many companies in The Medical Capital have attracted equity investment from outside the region as well. In the past 4 years, companies in The Medical Capital attracted over $2 billion in equity funding from sources inside and outside the region.

Federal, state and local government funding is also available. For example, the City of Cleveland provides financing and incentives and business resources for entrepreneurs who’s business is within the City of Cleveland.

Another source of entrepreneurial funding is disease-specific foundations where entrepreneurs can discover the funders most likely to support their cause.

For a listing of current federal grants, click here, and for an overview of federal, State of Ohio, and local government funding, contact Tatyana Hower at or 216.658.3999.